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Eagle's Wings

Players at the online casino UK can now play Eagle's Wings, a 5 reel, 25 payline casino slots game which offers generous payouts and an opportunity to thrill to the new online casino UK challenge.

Eagles Wings has garnered great reviews from players who have tested the game and found it to be a compelling casino slots competition. Video slots generally revolve around themes and the theme of Eagles Wings is the eagle himself who represents loyalty, courage and strength to individuals and nations throughout the world. Eagle's Wings plays smoothly at the online casino UK with effortless navigation, a realistic sound track and vivid graphics which display the eagle in all of his glory and majesty along with the views of his chicks and the natural habitat in which they nest.

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The Eagles Wings casino slots offers a visually stunning overview of the eagle's terrain which players can observe while they play for real cash prizes. The game's symbols include the flying eagle, an eagle chick, the eagle's portrait, a gold eagle coin, eagle feathers, a salmon from the mountainous region where the eagle lives and the Eagles Wings Logo. Gamers spin the reels to create combinations and win lucrative prizes.

The Eagle’s Wings logo is the game's Wild. This Wild symbol substitutes for any other game symbol to create winning paylines, offering, at the same time, double payouts for any combination that it helps to complete. The Wild is a stacked symbol which increases the wins even further.

The gold eagle coin is the game's scatter. When three or more gold coins appear on the reels the bonus game is triggered. Players pick one of the lucky gold eagle coins to find out how many free spins they've won. Gamers have the possibility to win up to sixty free spins. The free spins present triple payouts, making the Eagles Wings bonus game one of the online casino's most generous slots machines.

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Eagles Wings doesn't rest on its spins and bonuses. The game conjures up visions of the American Indian relationship with the eagle, the natural splendor of the eagle's life in the heights of the pristine mountains and the complexity of wildlife. The game's introductory clip includes animations that show the eagle as he swoops down to capture a salmon from the river before soaring again into the sky. Players at the online casino UK can study the game's theme as they play and earn cash prizes.