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3 Card Poker

If you're interested in some of the more traditional gaming experiences, 3 Card Poker is just what you might enjoy. Poker combines some luck with some skill, making it one of the more interesting online casino games played today. While many games are really all about luck, 3 Card Poker allows for that extra edge of excitement since you can have some input into the outcome as well. This is one of the things that make online casino games like 3 Card Poker so much fun!

3 Card Poker Overview

The basic 3 Card Poker game that you'll find at the online casino UK sites is actually two games in one package. It includes both the "Pair Plus" and the "Ante and Play" parts of the 3 Card Poker game. With Pair Plus, you are trying to get the best card hand that you can get, and you aren't competing with the dealer's hand or with anyone elses. When you first start the 3 Card Poker game, you'll set your water and get your three cards that are facing up. Your goal is to win by having at least a pair or better and the payout with this online casino UK game is based on how much you've wagered. A pair, for instance, pays out even money while a straight flush will win you 40 to 1. This is the Pair Plus part of the 3 Card Poker Game.

Ante and Play 3 Card Poker

In this part of the 3 Card Poker game you are playing against the dealer. You'll receive three face-up cards and the dealer will get three face-down ones. Then, you have to decide whether to keep playing or to fold. If you play and continue with the online casino games, you'll place a bet that is equal to the ante bet that you placed. The dealer then shows his hand and compares it to yours. If your hand is higher then you've won.

Online Casino UK Sites

When you're ready to enjoy 3 Card Poker, you'll see a wealth of opportunities at the online casino UK locations. Each of these sites offers 3 Card Poker experiences and loads of fun. When you first start to play, make sure to take a tutorial and to get your feet wet so that you'll be comfortable with the game and familiar with what to do. Then, as with other online casino games, it's time to jump in and have fun playing for real money. This is where the fun really is, since you can only win when you play 3 Card Poker at the online casino UK sites for real money. Have more fun today!