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The Dark Knight Rises Slots

You’re in for a grand experience with The Dark Knight Rises Slots. If you love Batman and you’ve loved the following along with their movies, then you’ll love the online slots UK game based on the Dark Knight Rises movie. The Batman slots game captures the look and feel of the movie with the cast of characters that you would expect. This includes Marion Cotillard as Miranda Tate, Jospeh Gordon-Levitt as John Blake and Commissioner Gordon by Gary Oldman. And of course when you play real money slots UK, you’ll enjoy the battle between Bane and Batman.

Playing The Dark Knight Rises Slots

The Dark Knight Rises Slots is a 5 reel, 243 Ways to Win game with all sorts of amazing features. There is the wild symbol that expands to fill up the whole reel. There is also a split wild that can split the wild into two and can result in great wins. The online slots UK game also has a symbol scramble which scrambles the symbols to create great winner combinations. When you have a spin that doesn’t produce any wins, Bane and Batman come onto the screen and start a battle and you can have free spins and multipliers when this happens.

Free Spin Fun

With the Batman slots game you trigger the free spins when you get three or more of the scatter symbols. You then decide if you’re going to play out the free spins as Bane or Batman. You’ll get ten free spins when you get to this section, but you can also accumulate even more when you watch Bane and Batman battle it out.

The Dark Knight Rises Slots

This game was developed through a licensing agreement with DC Entertainment and it’s based on the amazing movie by Warner Bros. The game includes awesome video clips from the movie, bringing the look and feel of the film to life with the online slots UK game. The audio and video in the movie are out of this world. The fighting scenes between Bane and Batman, for instance, were made after looking at film footage and trying to create the most realistic look and feel to copy that in the movie. When you play real money slots UK with this game, you’ll see that it’s available on the download, Flash and Quickfire platforms.

Hearing From the Makers

As Roger Raatgever, the CEO of Microgaming said about the Batman slots game, "It is always very exciting to be launching a game sequel, especially when the first instalment has become such a success. Our game development team have done an incredible job. The slot fully embraces the Batman brand and pays justice to the film whilst also incorporating a series of pioneering features to enhance the player experience. Batman fans will not be disappointed; we expect The Dark Knight Rises online slot to be just as popular as The Dark Knight, if not more."